Monday, January 12, 2009

My first forray into the world of blogging

Hello to everyone out on the world wide web!

Welcome to my little blog about organizing. I'm glad you found me!

This blog is dedicated to the adventures, struggles and successes in learning how to be organized, both my personal endeavors and those of my clients. Naturally, my clients will be kept strictly anonymous, but I will share with you the solutions we've found to a variety of organizing challenges.

Unlike a lot of professional organizers, I was not "born organized." My family still snickers a little when they think of me helping other people. It's okay, family, I can take it! Who is better able to help a person struggling with clutter and piles than someone who has found their own solutions? I will be the first to admit, I haven't solved all my problems. I have developed a manageable filing system so that I can lay my hands on any important document quickly. My closets are in great shape and my kitchen cupboards are set up so that I can easily see what food I have and make sure it's not getting too old. For born organized people, this might not sound like much of an accomplishment, but to those who are naturally disorganized, you know this is pretty darn good.

My goal with this blog is to make it a place where disorganized people can come and get ideas on how to create systems that work for them. I'll be writing on a variety topics for organizing things around the house and garage. If there's a particular area you're struggling with, feel free to send me questions and topic suggestions and I'll share whatever I can. Also, feel free to respond with solutions you've created for your own organizing needs. We can all learn from each other!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I hope to see you again. :)


Becky said...

I totally agree! I think it's actually better for a "reformed messy" to help others reform. God tells us to "comfort others with the comfort we ourselves have received". I was born organized, but I can't help other people get organized, because all I know is the system that works for me! LOL. :) I can't wait to read more about this blog and all the rest of the great solutions out there. Welcome to BlogLand! :)

AllieB said...

This is great! I love hearing solutions - even if you were "born organized" you can still find little areas to improve that can make you so happy! Good luck on blogging life, I'm looking forward to reading more. =)

templework said...

Even when you are born organized - your age and health can throw you a curved ball!

So looking forward to following your adventures!

Jen said...

Exciting! I love this kind of stuff. And moving around a lot has definitely helped me to hold things loosely. Which is a big help with organization. Looking forward to picking up some tips!